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Evening Desert Safari

Dubai is one of the most famous and favorite tourist spots. There are many amazing activities to enjoy the best time during your vacations in Dubai. Evening desert safari is a mind-blowing activity to stay from the bustle of the city far behind. During this thrill-seeking safari tour, you can choose and enjoy a bundle of adventures. Having an evening desert safari allows tourists to enjoy a matchless experience. It is the best way to keenly observe Dubai’s rich traditions and culture. Having an evening desert safari is like an adventure in a wonderland to fulfill thrill cravings in the golden sand land.

An Overview of Evening Desert Safari:

You’ll never want to miss a chance to enjoy a memorable tour of the desert during the evening. We at pickandplan carefully designed the customized packages so you can gear up for an excitement-filled adventure with our evening desert safari. Our packages especially allow you to choose the best evening desert safari deals according to your budget and level of adventure. You can choose an array of thrilling activities while exploring the vastness of the desert.

During your exciting evening desert safari, you’ll see nature closely. The mighty dunes surrounding the campsite look stunning during the evening. Having quad biking on the elevated sand dunes will provide you with next-level enjoyment that you can’t forget. The thrilling ride of the camels and Sino-Tibetan are activities you must enjoy for once during your tour of the evening desert. Sandboarding is such an adventurous ride while deeply observing the desert. The best part about Evening Desert Safari is the activities after sundown. The cool desert evenings are ideal for enjoying yourself with your dear ones.

Why is Evening Desert Safari Special?

The adventure activities on Dubai Desert Safaris usually start early evenings and extend till sundown. Evening Desert Safari is such a fascinating and adventurous tour. The mesmerizing view of the sun going down and the heat of the desert dissipating as it becomes cooler is unexplainable. It will allow the tourists to stay in the evening comfortably. During the Evening Dubai Desert Safari, you’ll experience a golden yellow sunset on the red sandy desert, letting you dive into the beauty of the desert. You can closely observe the red dunes from the naked eye. It would be such a refreshing scene, and you can capture the beautiful sunset scenes with your cameras.

During the evening desert safari, you will see Arabian life’s traditional entertainment, i.e., belly dance. This tour is action-packed, with exciting outdoor activities. One of the crucial parts of the Evening Desert Safari experience is the clear starry night, so you can get the perfect opportunity to unwind and gaze at the twinkling night sky. Also, you can see the sunset while standing between the oceans of sand all around you. To complete the evening desert safari, you’ll experience rich traditional Arabian food and music, which is best to refresh your mind.

Things to Do During Evening Desert Safari:

Spending your time in the Dubai desert is no doubt a memorable experience. During the Evening desert safari, you can enjoy a lot of excitement while enjoying state-of-the-art safety measures that ensure safety and a reliable adventure experience. There are many exciting activities that you can do during your Evening desert safari without any age limit. This is an action-packed adventure that you will enjoy with the assistance of a tour guide. Here we’ve short-listed some activities you should never miss during the Evening desert safari.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is a highly demanded tourist activity during desert safari. During this thrilling ride, you can view the mesmerizing beauty of a sunset. There is nothing else but a sea of sand as far as your sight goes. Dune bashing is a great way to explore the desert, and you’ll find it an unforgettable life experience in a powerful 4×4 vehicle.

Camel Ride

Your Evening desert safari will be complete with a ride at the ship of the desert. It is a perfect way to view the boundless desert landscapes with the sunset. The stunning scenes of the desert, the beauty of nature, and the silence will make you compelled to believe it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Dune Buggy 

The dunes of the vast desert of Dubai offer a lot of adventure and excitement. You’ll never want to miss the Dune buggy ride during your Evening desert safari. It is another solo ride on the powerful buggy, racing up and down the golden dune. One of the best things about dune buggy is its safest ride, ensuring a thrilling experience without fear of getting hurt.  


Sandboarding is another adventurous activity you can opt for during the Evening desert safari. You can enjoy surfing on the wavy soft sand of the desert while closely viewing the dazzling beauty of the desert. For this activity, you don’t have any experience. Our tour guide will give you special tips to kick-start sandboarding. This is an interesting activity that is not only safe but also full of excitement.

ATV Quad Biking

With the amazing beauty of a sunset, it is a wonderful experience to have Quad biking in the vast desert. You can enjoy a solo adventure with your basic driving skills. Riding up the large dunes at varying speeds and the beautiful sunset from the top is memorable. You’ll never want to miss this opportunity.

Desert Safari Deals

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Dubai Desert Safari Tour Overview

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Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is a thrilling activity during Dubai Desert Safari that visitors love the most. During Dune Bashing, they got to ride in a big 4×4 vehicle, i.e., Land Cruiser. The exciting experience of driving this amazing vehicle over sand dunes and afterward sliding on the ground is unforgettable.

Camel Trekking:

Camel Trekking is another joyous activity during Dubai Desert Safari that tourists never want to miss. During camel trekking, tourists have time to view the vast desert over the ship of desert.

Desert Bedouin Camp

After having all the exciting and thrilling activities, tourists will come to the base camp. Spending time in a traditional Bedouin Camp is a true reflection of having fun during the evenings. This is a golden opportunity for visitors to glimpse the barren desert of Dubai.

ATV Quad biking

ATV Quad biking is a refreshing and thrilling activity during Dubai Desert Safari to explore every nook and corner of the harsh and barren desert. This off-road steering activity provides an unforgettable experience.


Upon arrival at the desert base camp, all the tourists will enjoy the traditional Arabian Qehwa, Cold drinks, or Soft drinks. So they can make themselves energetic once again after all the thrilling activities.

Yummiest Buffet

The buffet includes Arabic, International, Special Veg, and Non-Veg dishes for all tourists to fill their empty stomachs.

Live Entertainment Shows

For live entertainment, there will be a variety of shows, i.e., Tanura Dance, Belly Dance, and Fire Show to get the next-level enjoyment between the vastness of a desert.

Sunset Picture Point:

Taking pictures during sunset is one must-do during Dubai Morning Desert Safari. It is a unique way to explore the beauty of a sunset and all secrets of this vast sea of sand. Pictures with the sunset are best to get bright and beautiful photos of the mesmerizing beauty of the desert.

Full-Day & Half-Day Transfer

Experience the ultimate convenience and exploration with our full-day transportation service, spanning 8 to 10 hours, accompanied by our expert tour guides and road map masters. Our drivers are not only fluent in English and Arabic but also proficient in six additional languages, ensuring seamless communication throughout your journey. Immerse yourself in the wonders of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all seven states as we provide comprehensive city tours, as well as customizable meeting tours to suit your specific needs. With our availability and expertise, get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in the United Arab Emirates.

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What is Evening Desert Safari?

An Evening Desert Safari in Dubai is the perfect way to experience thrilling activities and live entertainment with the sunset’s amazing beauty. Your trip to Dubai is incomplete without having a joyful time in the vast desert.

What are the activities included in an Evening Desert Safari in Dubai?

So many adventurous activities are included in an Evening Desert Safari, i.e. Camel Riding, Dune Bashing, Dune Buggy, ATV Quad Biking, Sandboarding, and much more. Along with these activities, there would be live entertainment shows and traditional drinks for the tourists.

Is it worth spending money on an Evening Desert Safari?

Yes, it is a memorable, enjoyable experience and the best way to explore the vastness of the desert closely. There are such thrilling activities you may not find elsewhere, and your trip to Dubai will only be complete with Evening Desert Safari.

Is there any dress code for an Evening Desert Safari?

No, there is no specific dress code for an Evening Desert Safari. You can choose any comfortable dress that won’t disturb you during various playful activities in the desert.

Is Dune bashing safe for tourists?

Yes, Dune Bashing is secure, and one of the main activities tourists want to take advantage of. There are experienced drivers who drive the car over dunes. The vehicle used during Dune bashing has extra safety features that ensure your safety from every angle.

Are all activities during the Evening desert safari safe and secure?

Yes, all the activities that tourists choose for their adventure are safe. Our tour guide provides the best tips for a safe time in the desert. Also, the vehicles used during riding are equipped with modern safety features that ensure a reliable and thrilling experience.  

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