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Dhow Cruise Dubai

One of the sensational outdoor activities in Dubai is spending time on Dhow Cruise. This second-to-none experience allows you to observe Dubai’s magical beauty very closely. During Dhow Cruise Creek, there are a lot of super exciting things that are waiting for you to welcome you to Dubai. At Dhow Cruise, you’ll experience unmatchable hospitality, a bundle of enjoyable moments, a wonderful ambiance, and beyond-comparison services wrapped in warmth and hospitality. The courtesy that you’ll see there will amaze you the most. Spending time on Show Cruise is a highly gripping and eye-popping enchantment aside with magnificent skyscrapers, mesmerizing beauty of nature, and ultra-luxury shopping venues that maybe you’ll never get again in life.

Overview of Dhow Cruise Creek

Dhow Cruise Creek offers amazing features you’ll not get anywhere else. It will make your Dubai tour memorable and full of excitement. You cannot resist and forget the tranquil environment of Dhow Cruise Creek. Here we provide you with the dreamy environment of Dhow Cruise so you can get ready to be onboard the sailing vessel during your trip to Dubai.


When you choose Dhow Cruise Creek, you’ll get to observe nature’s compelling beauty. You’ll get amazed by the spectacular display of nature and the amazing human architecture simultaneously. It will be a memorable time during a trip at night with the magical light of the moon all around. 

This is undoubtedly a comfortable and intimidating experience; with it, your trip to Dubai will be completed.  

Delicious Cruise Dinner

At Dhow Cruise Creek, you’ll get served the yummiest dinner. It would be an amazing experience to spend time in the heart of the vast sea under a full moon with your loved ones or friends. You’ll not forget the taste and time you spent at Dhow Crouse. The hospitality and overall ambiance of Dhow Cruise during your dinner will make you happy and satisfied.

Distinctive Ambience

One of the best things about spending time at Dhow Cruise is the peaceful surrounding. It will take you away from the worries of life for a few hours, and you will feel calm everywhere. Staying close to nature with the magical beauty of the sea under the sky will take you to another world. Here you’ll gather beautiful memories for a lifetime.

Why Should You Choose Dhow, Cruise Creek During Dubai Tour?

Missing a golden chance to visit Dhow Cruise Creek will make you feel regretful. With it, your Dubai won’t get completed. Delicious Arabian cuisines, unique and attractive surroundings, blue water all around under the moon’s light, and live entertainment shows are all only possible at Dhow Cruise Creek.

Dhow Cruise Marina

Dhow Cruise Marina is one of the adventurous experiences on the mellow water of the Dubai sea. Spending time at Dhow Cruise Marina is ideal for making your Dubai trip complete and full of leisure and fun activities. You can get a chance to have a beautiful night view of under the blue sky and blue water all around. You would get the experience of Dhow Cruise Marina surrounded by impressive skyscrapers of Dubai, enabling you to get golden memories during your trip to Dubai.  

A Brief Overview of Dhow Cruise Marina 

Dhow Cruise Marina is one of the best options for an enjoyable time in Dubai. You will not get a chance to have a magnificent view of the beautiful buildings of Dubai on both sides. Taking a Dhow Cruise Marina is a great cultural experience with a blend of modern touches. It offers many charming fascinations to tourists. There are a bundle of attractions that forces tourists to take advantage of every chance of spending time at Dhow Cruise Marina. A view of skyrocketing buildings, mesmerizing beauty, glorious architecture, live Entertainment and the yummiest cuisine are all the attractions you can only get at Dhow Cruise Marina.

Appealing Sight View

The marvelous view of Dhow Cruise Marina will take you into the world of dreamy fascinations that you can only get in Dubai. The spectacular view of the tallest and most beautiful building on both sides with modern architecture amazes you. The mesmerizing scenes and the quality time you spend at Dhow Cruise Marina can make your vacation the best. The flexible schedules allow you to get reservations according to your desire.

Live Entertainment shows 

At Dhow Cruise Marina, you’ll get bored for a second. The live entertainment on the glitzy water of the sea will make your Dubai trip more lovely and memorable.

Appetizing Dinner 

Dhow Cruise Marina offers the yummiest dishes if you are a food lover and want to enjoy international cuisines. Enjoying delicious cuisines under the blue sky full of stars would be a dreamy view. The beautiful moonlight that spread all around, moving Dhow at the blue water, and spending the best time with your loved ones is something that you cannot forget your whole life.

Why Should You Choose Dhow Cruise Marina During Dubai Tour?

Dhow Cruise Marina is one of the most memorable adventures during the Dubai Trip, full of excitement. The onboard hospitality and beauty of the Dhow at night will make you happy than ever. You will enjoy a wonderful sightseeing experience, and you can take a lot of selfies. This fantastic opportunity comprises night lights, the gentle sound of water, and a lovely breeze that can take you to another world. 

Dhow Cruise Safety & Standards for Tourists:

Authorities and management make sure that all dhows are checked and certified fit to sail. Captains of dhows are also certified captains of cruise ships. Dhow Cruise in Dubai sails under complete supervision & a launch is always on standby in emergencies. First Aid kits, fire safety kits & life jackets are readily available on Dhow Cruise. Although, no such unfortunate event has been recorded till now. So there is no need to worry about your safety because you’ll get a secure environment.

 Punctuality is necessary for all tourists because Dhow Cruise timings are fixed and will never wait for later-comers. Going early is best to board quicker without getting tired.

 Do not take drinks with you during your tour to Dhow Cruise because you’ll get refreshing drinks and water there.

 During Sunset chilly environment will let you feel cold even in hot weather. So you must bring some warm clothes to use in time of need.

 There is no specific dress code for Dhow Cruise, but try to wear comfortable and decent outfits.

Women can wear a jumpsuit, romper, dress, top, or shirt with jeans, jewelry, clutch, and shoes. Men can choose polo shirts, tees, and dress shirts, with jeans, chinos, or cotton pants.

Dhow Cruise Dubai

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Is the Dubai Dhow cruise worth it?

Cruising in a traditional wooden dhow boat while enjoying a delicious meal and admiring the view over the Dubai skyline is an experience that will stick with you forever.

Is there any special dress code for Dhow Cruise?

There is no such restriction on dressing. It is your choice, formal or casual dress, but you must cover yourself adequately. Wear what you wish for a memorable trip to take snaps and keep the beautiful memory with you. However, it is necessary to keep warm clothes with you during winter. 

What is the difference between Dhow Cruise Creek and Dhow Cruise Marina?

Dubai Cruise Creek and Dubai Marina offer fantastic sightseeing opportunities, but there is a stark difference between the places. Dubai Creek has a few sights as compared to Dubai Marina.

Is there any price difference between Dhow Cruise Creek and Dhow Cruise Marina?

The dhow cruise Dubai Marina price is much higher than that of Dubai Creek. You can go on a Dubai Creek dhow cruise dinner at around AED 65, while a dhow cruise dinner at Dubai Marina is almost double.

Where does the Dhow cruise start in Dubai?

The Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina starts from the Dubai Marina region near The Palm Islands. Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek starts from Dubai Creek, the old Dubai region known as Old Dubai.

Can I book a Dhow cruise for private events?

You can book a dhow cruise exclusively for private or personal events. Dhows are best for hosting private parties because of peaceful and attractive ambiance. There are special deals for private events, weddings, get-togethers, staff parties, etc. So choosing a deal for your private events depends on your budget.

Can pregnant women go on the Dhow trip?

Yes, Dhow cursing trip is safe for pregnant women if they are healthy and don’t have any complications.

How is Dhow Cruise best for tourists?

Dhow Cruise is the best way to relax after a long and tiring day of sightseeing or work. With its soothing atmosphere, this unforgettable Cruise will remove all your stress. It is excellent for enjoying the scenic beauty of Dubai Creek in a leisurely way.

Is it worth visiting Dubai Marina?

The Dubai Marina is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai. Here, you can find everything from luxurious hotels to trendy restaurants and chic shopping malls. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or explore all that Dubai has to offer, the Dubai Marina is a great place to start.

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